HLB Cross-Border Business Talks Podcast Series

Welcome to our podcast series, where we’ll be exploring the latest cross-border business topics with HLB thought leaders and special guests. Our podcast episodes provide bite-size analysis on today’s issues in 10 to 15 minute long episodes.

New episodes will appear regularly, as we share insights and ideas on a range of international business topics, from FDI and global economic trends, to the latest technology advancements in business and sector specific analyses. Sign up to listen to our podcast series via  Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Eps 25: The integration of accounting and cyber forensics

Eps 24: Emerging growth companies and M&A activity during the pandemic

Eps 23: Cyber-risks in the age of remote working

Eps 22: How the European investment climate is adapting to the New Normal

Eps 21: COVID-19’s impact on the North American investment climate

Eps 20: The ongoing impact of COVID-19 on financial reporting

Eps 19: Transfer Pricing considerations in light of COVID-19

Eps 18: Emerging technology trends for 2020

Eps 17: Transforming business through AI

Eps 16: Investor confidence remains uncertain but opportunities are ahead

Eps 15: The role of Not-For-Profits in the development of Africa

Eps 14: M&A Trends in Africa

Eps 13: Cities of the Future

Eps 12: Consumer behaviour changes and the response of global businesses

Eps 11: Challenges and opportunities in today’s global real estate market

Eps 10: Why does the world need Cyber Security Awareness Month?

Eps 9: Blockchain intelligence: A compliance framework for crypto-currency transactions

Eps 8: Made in Italy: How Italian companies are successfully conducting cross-border business

Eps 7: The importance of soft skills in business

Eps 6: A profession in transformation: Audit practices are becoming more technology driven and culturally diverse

Eps 5: Investor confidence remains fragile

Eps 4: Why the revision of ISA 540 is creating a more collaborative dialogue between auditors and clients

Eps 3: The next generation of start-ups: Going across borders

Eps 2: US-China trade conflict: In every crisis there are always opportunities

Eps 1: Challenges and opportunities for foreign companies in the US in times of trade uncertainty

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